About Samanthanet


We, Samanthanet, help you to organize, pack, unpack and store your living goods when you are relocating house due to housing reform or building a new home.

Cozy Home

It is indeed exciting when you dream of new and comfortable life after renovating your own home, building new or purchasing an already established house. However we cannot ignore the fact that this event especially for the many of those middle to older aged considering housing reform can be overwhelming experience and become burden to bear cleaning and pack/unpacking which always come together with relocation.

Before actualizing your dream of living in refreshed environment, tons of house work will be waiting for you which starts from sorting out what you use and what you don’t use. Packing and unpacking heavy books, fragile tableware and ornament, after this process, you may throw out many things too. As a result, people get exhausted and physically down. We sometimes see clients who are sick on the day of moving in.

To make our client welcome this happiest day, we not only resolve to free burden and worries from clients but also to strive to make them satisfy with our service. Our services are more than just packing and unpacking. We promise to spare no effort day to day to polish our professional skills and knowledge to offer one notch above services to each clients. Please remember all the staffs of Samanthanet are women who hold “House Keeping Advisor” certificate. Professional advice based on abundance of experience together with courteous and sympathetic services which are brought by characteristic of women, we can ensure all the clients feel value when dealing with us.


Meaning of Samanthanet


Have you heard of American home drama called “I Married a Witch”? The name of witch wife is Samantha. When she uses magic by moving her nose, messy room turns into beautiful clean room in the twinkling of an eye!

We want our clients “To be able to keep their living space tidy and comfortable” and “To become another smiley Samantha by overcoming their struggle not being able to tidy up”.

This has always been our strong wish and the original reason for and meaning behind our company name “Samantha”.

This name changed later to “Samanthanet” in August 2011 when the company becomes incorporated. The reason for putting “net” (of network) next to Samantha was to convey our thought which a tiny power will become a mighty power if combined to create even better value.

Who is President?

Origin Ibaragi Prefecture in Japan
Graduated from Tokyo Kasei University (Bachelor in Domestic Economy and Science)
Qualification Registered Top Grade House Keeping Advisor
Profile After 12 years of being a housewife, when her son first went to elemental school, she went back to work at moving company. A part time office Assistance to Sales account manager then changed to front line housekeeping support staff offering apron service because she wanted to be in touch more closely with customers. At that period of time she strongly realized the importance of having a housekeeping skill and knowledge for organizing and tidying by looking at many customers who struggle to do so. Then she decided to study to become a registered Top Grade House Keeping Advisor. In August 2011, She established Samanthanet which offers Apron Service for Moving in-out, Housekeeping Organizing Advise to support clients to make comfortable living. She is also being a lecturer of housekeeping seminars.